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Soaring new single from Enda Mulloy’s debut solo album - out now.

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Enda Mulloy’s debut single ‘Batten the Hatches Down’ from his soon to be released first album is out NOW.

Taken from his first solo album ‘Rainbow Frogs in Midlife Crisis’, this first single sees Enda take a trip through a broken relationship, set against a backdrop of nu-folk guitar and vocals.

Enda is best known for being a founding member and songwriter with the Irish rockers BibleCode Sundays, the London-based band that fuses Celtic rock and folk.

An enforced holiday from gigging due to the pandemic inspired Enda to embark on a solo project and get in the studio with acclaimed producer Michael Smith at RYP Recordings.

Since then Sting flew him out to Italy to play a Police set at one of his legendary parties. “Sting giving me his own bass to play was an unforgettable moment,” recalls Enda.

Enda’s musical career has been a long and winding road, beginning with his family band, The Mulloy Brothers - known worldwide for their distinct sound and character.

The BibleCode Sundays then blasted a Guinness-fuelled riot at venues around Europe sharing the stage with the likes of Van Morrision, Thin Lizzy and the Cranberries. Even actor Russell Crowe, self-confessed superfan recorded a song with the band along with Elvis Costello.
Enda has also collaborated with Matt McManamon from the Dead 60s.

“I couldn’t sit on my rear doing nothing during lockdown,” said Enda. “I had time to write and what came out was a revelation. I’m loving playing them back in the pubs and clubs where the music comes alive. The reaction has been great.”

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